Dear Friend,

My name is Rami Rafeh and my New Years Resolution is to disrupt the health and fitness industry in 2015. I want to fundamentally change the way you find a gym in your area. I want to make going to the gym more affordable. I want to make understanding and collecting health insurance fitness reimbursements painless. I want to expand the amount and types of health care reimbursements offered by major insurance carriers. In the process I want to build the largest pro-active health care community in the world where every member derives value and support in their efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I have spent my career in healthcare. It is my passion. I have been pursuing these goals since I founded spott3r in July 2012. I have a lot of ideas about how to make this happen, beginning with gym reimbursements. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act of 2013 insurance companies are offering more cash incentives than ever to those who work out. For example, United Healthcare gives a $20 check each month to members who workout 12 times or more. 

I invite you to join our community and let me help you find out if you are eligible for a fitness reimbursement. We are offering a free eligibility check for the month of January; no credit cards, no games. Leave your email and you will hear from us within a few days with the first step in the process.